Starter Golf Clinics

Clinics are available for an absolute first timer to seasoned players looking to upgrade their golf game.

Our Clinics are always

 Low Stress

We aim to break the stereotype and ensure that golf is for everyone. Regardless of whether you have played before or not!


Our clinics are led by a PGA Accreddited Professional, so not only are you getting a caring, inviting clinic, but one taught with genuine experience.

Open – Starter


Golf is inclusive of all genders and backgrounds, but our Starter Clinics are for people just beginning their golf journey. There are two levels Intermediate and Beginners.  3PM-4PM Intermediate is for those a bit more established or are just coming back to the game.  4pm-5pm Beginners is for those who are new to golf and want to get started. (we even supply equipment if you need it)

The best F word

Yes, Golf can seem serious. But it’s also a game. Games are supposed to be fun and enjoyable and our goal is always the same: It has to be fun!

Ladies Low Stress Clinic

This is for those that have zero or near no experience playing golf. A multiple-week program introducing all the absolute fundamentals of golf and getting you out on course to enjoy golf with everyone else.