Local Rules (to be read in conjunction with the Rules of Golf)

  1. Stones in bunkers are moveable obstructions – Rule 15-2 applies.
  2. Distance measuring devices are permitted to be used during a competition round.  However, a device that measures other conditions are not permitted. e.g wind speed and direction, slope, club selection etc.  A multi functional device such as a smartphone may be used provided it is only used to gauge distance.
  3. The sand aprons at the entry point of the bunkers are an integral part of the bunker and are to be treated as such.
  4. Immovable obstructions – includes maintenance buildings, fixed course signs and barriers, all course stakes, cart paths and sleeper wall, hoses, sprinklers – Relief Rule 16-1a applies.
  5. Garden beds are an integral part of the course.  Play ball as it lies or proceed under Rule 19.2
  6. GUR – is defined by white lines and are NO PLAY ZONES. Relief MUST be taken in accordance with Rule 16-1(f).
  7. Out of Bounds is defined by boundary fences and white stakes with black tops.
  8. The red penalty area on the 17TH Hole is defined by red stakes and the left edge of the concrete path and extends to infinity beyond that point.  Relief MAY be taken using Rule 17.1d(1) or 17.1d(3).  This penalty area only applies to the 17th Hole.
  9. Greenside sprinkler heads.  If such an obstruction on the hole being played intervenes on the line of play, relief may be taken under Rule 16-1b.  The obstruction must be within 2 club lengths from the ball and within 2 club lengths of the green.
  10. If a staked tree or staked shrub interferes with a player’s stance or intended swing, relief MUST be taken – Rule 16-1a

Penalty for breach of Local Rule

               Match Play – Loss of Hole. Stroke Play – Two Strokes