If you feel good you can take 
on the trees on the right and 
hit driver, leaving a short pitch
 into a well bunkered elevated 
green. The other option if your 
one of those nervous types 
on the 1st tee is to hit a long 
iron into the fairway leaving a 
longer shot into the green. Make 
sure you check the pin position 
as this green is extremely long 
and narrow.
A medium length par 4.  Depending 
on which tee you play from.  Unless 
you have a strong breeze 
behind to carry the water is a 
big hit.  The best play is an 
iron just short of the water 
and then a short iron into another 
elevated green. Make sure you take 
enough club as it is more uphill 
than it looks.
One of the hardest holes on the 
course. If you manage to avoid the 
big bunker that protects most of the 
fairway, you are left with a long 
iron into this difficult par 4.  
The green is well bunker, the best 
miss is left of the green as an easy
chip awaits balls that finish here.
4th HOLE
Another difficult Par 4, the 
drive is very important to set 
up this hole, you need both 
accuracy and distance to get up 
over the hill. Then an accurate 
second shot is required to hit a 
large green with bunkers left 
and right.  Play down the right 
side and you can get plenty 
of roll onto the green.
5th HOLE
A shortish par 4. You can either 
play an iron down to the corner 
and have a longer second shot, 
or take on the hole with a 
Driver and leave yourself a short 
pitch into the green. Beware 
though if you are not accurate 
danger lurks both left and right.
The green is wide and inviting.
6th HOLE
Our signature hole and you can
see why. You must get it over the 
cavernous bunker that almost runs 
the length of the hole.  If you hit 
a good shot you have the mounding 
on both sides of the green will 
feed the ball onto the green. 
That is not where the fun stops, 
as a three putt is waiting if
 you are not on the right level 
of this large undulating green.
7th HOLE
Medium length par 5.  Its a 
daunting tee shot with anything 
offline resulting in a lost ball.  
The fairway has a snaking dogleg,
 that narrows right down, making 
the second shot a tough prospect
as well. There is a large 
bunker front right of the green 
which often catches the errant 
approach. Birdie chance if you can 
get the ball in the fairway off 
the tee.
8th HOLE
A great little downhill par 3. 
Not as menacing as the 6th 
but can cause lots of problems, 
especially if you find the pot 
bunker short or hit it into the
scrub on the left. If you get 
the club right a birdie 
is a possibility. 
9th HOLE
A nice straight away par 5, that
can be reached in two shots if you 
get one away.  However the green is 
guarded with large bunkers and there
is the clubhouse lake lurking to the
left.  The large pot bunker at the 
front of the green often catches that
mishit second shot or misjudged layup.
This is one of the few birdie chances 
on the front nine.